This is really more of a Blogroll (do people still have Blogrolls??) of other writers whose work inspires and improves mine. It is not, of course, exhaustive. 🙂

IndyScribes (My critique group!)

Laura VanArendonk Baugh – fantasy, slipstream, science fiction, and historical fiction, as well as non-fiction on animal training & behavior.

Stephanie A. Cain – fantasy and YA fantasy with adventure, drama, and humor

Garrett B. Hutson – upmarket historical mysteries and spy fiction, always LGBT+ inclusive, with tons of research behind every detail of his historical settings

Jim Meeks-Johnson – epic science fiction! He also blogs here at Future Perfect 

Chelsea Sanders – blogging about her world travels while working on novels and short stories!

M. L. Hollinger, a.k.a. James M. Thompson – sci-fi adventures and realistic fiction

Agents, Editors, Review Sites, Oh My!
QueryShark – Literary agent Janet Reid takes a bite out of queries submitted by the chum general public.

Author Blogs
Argh, Ink – (Jenny Crusie)
Trout Nation – (Jenny Trout)
Sister Krissie Explains It All – (Anne Stuart)

Authors on Writing
Jennifer Crusie’s Writing/Romance Project – Pithy, helpful lessons on writing. Can’t get updated fast enough!

He Wrote/She Wrote Again – Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer revisit and discuss their views on writing, then expand on how their ideas have changed or evolved over time.

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