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You Again

I’ve been in one of those emotional fugue states where very little gets done that isn’t absolutely necessary – so I’ve definitely blown it re: this year’s resolution to blog weekly. Hmm. Perhaps, since it’s the solstice, I’ll have a mid-year reboot?

Or perhaps not.

I’ve been re-reading old favorite books, playing with a toddler, and watching my husband play the video game I got him for Valentine’s Day, so for once I’ve been busy with¬†good things… but very busy, nonetheless.

I’ve also been doing some research for my WIPs and absolutely ignoring the fact that I should be prepping for the fall (I’m teaching English 10, which I haven’t taught in 10 years, so… basically a new class). It’s been great!

I keep telling myself that fallow periods are important for creativity, but it’s still a bummer. At least I’ve got a writing group to yell at me (in a good-natured way) when I fail to produce. Outside accountability is very important to me!

New Year, New Me? (Nah)

archer-wiki_characters_archer-vice_skinny-pam_01Well, after my flurry of November activity/NaNoWriMo, I sure did taper off on blogging, didn’t I?

And since today’s New Year’s Day, it’s a perfect time to resolve to blog more in 2017!

Among other resolutions, of course. But don’t worry, no “new me” stuff — as Pam says, I really like me. Continue reading New Year, New Me? (Nah)

(insert blog post here)

the blogger in her natural environment

Well, I’ve done it again–in my household we call it “gooning yourself,” but elsewhere it would just be called “staying up way too late goofing off and accomplishing nothing except ending up overtired tomorrow.”

See why we just say “gooning”?

So, in addition to gooning myself sleep-wise, I gooned myself writing-wise and have run out of time to do either.

I’ll try to redeem myself tomorrow.

Testing, Testing…

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been in the habit of blogging daily (or more often, even). Hopefully I can shake off the dust and get back into the habit!

Pictured: me showing off my awesome dance moves

This webpage is brought to you by Mitchco Industries (webmaster/design guru) and the Teacher Creativity Fellowship sponsored by the Lilly Endowment. If you’re a teacher in Indiana, DEFINITELY check that sucker out!

The goals of my grant are to:
–set up a website (DONE!) with content on it (d’oh…)
–write about writing, in blog form (how meta!)
–actually write, and even complete a YA manuscript by August 2015*
–attend conferences, workshops, and retreats to help me develop a)my own craft and b)exercises for my creative writing students
–develop writing exercises for said students

So that’s the sort of thing I’ll be writing about here on the blog, along with some book reviews (examining other people’s storytelling) and links to resources I find.

*HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, that goal is getting revised. Because I submitted this grant proposal, then had a baby, which turns out to be a bit of a barrier to productivity. Luckily I have until June 2016 to complete my final report on this project for the grant people, and I hope to have the MS finished and be querying it by then.