Long Time No See

Well, I fell off the blogging wagon a bit, because, as T. S. Eliot tells us, “April is the cruelest month,” and also May sucks too when you’re a teacher.

I’ve mostly just been grading and grading and grading, but it’s not all bad.

I’ve also been reading blogs (like Janet Reid’s and Jenny Crusie’s) and just basking in all of the information they present. Crusie’s especially has had lots of good stuff about writing technique. Have I plugged her Writing/Romance blog here yet? It’s great, even if you don’t write romance.

And I’ve been reading ebooks from the library on my phone! I’m almost through Sarah Rees Brennan’s Lynburn Legacy trilogy, which I’m enjoying quite a bit (not as much as The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy, but quite a bit nonetheless). Brennan describes it as “a romantic gothic mystery about a girl named Kami Glass, who discovers her imaginary friend is a real boy.” What a gorgeous elevator pitch! Obviously the book’s about more than that–and I’m on to book three by now–but it’s amazing how compactly she manages to describe it.

OK, I have to get back to the grading now… or possibly just back to reading ebooks on my phone while I pretend to grade…

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