New Year, New Schedule… New Mistakes to Make!

It’s possible that I am my own Iago

So, I’m back to school, and we’re on a new schedule (woo) and I’ve got new students (woooo) and I almost made it into the year with no new classes, but then a bunch of the nerdy kids were sad there was no AP Literature & Composition this year so… AP Lit & Comp club?? (Seven kids have expressed interest. This may well be the Best Club Ever.)

That got me thinking, of course, about all the

amazing classics we’d get to read once I put together a reading list.

No, that one will NOT be on the reading list.
No, that one will NOT be on the reading list.

The College Board’s AP website offers lots of resources, of course, but really I’m just very, very excited about revisiting some of my favorites (OthelloWide Sargasso Sea! Tennyson!) and getting an excuse to analyze some new things that I really really ought to have read by now (The TempestThe Bluest Eye! Chekov!). At least one of the other English teachers wants to read along, too. (We are both probably fools to try it.)

But I’m pretty jazzed right now. And, perhaps if interest is strong enough, it’ll mean resurrecting the course as an actual class next year (I usually teach AP Language & Composition in alternate years, and the teacher who usually taught AP Lit & Comp is no

longer at the school, so nobody signed up for the course and it didn’t get a spot).

I’ll bookmark this post so I can come back to it in December, when I’m tearing my hair out because I’ve bitten off so much more than I can chew. 😀

But, hey, it’s like I told my AP class that one time that literally all of them failed an essay, and we revised them two more times until they were actually good: failure is how we learn!

Or, in my case, how we don’t learn, year after year, to admit that we have limits… 😉

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