Bard IWT, Day 2

Well, I had a great time yesterday, despite being a complete slacker and writing zero words outside of class.

I walked around campus, trying to get my head in a writing space, and then ended up playing with Scrivener for about an hour.

I did some networking, read and commented on another writer’s pages, and had a great conversation with another teacher up at Ward Manor, which is super beautiful.

I didn’t do the number one thing that writers do, though–WRITE–so I’m hoping for better today.

Especially since pages are due today for Indyscribes, my regular critique group!

So, my plan for the day:
1) Do not get distracted by the natural beauty of this place.
2) Do not get distracted by Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, texting, Snapchat, Netflix, WordPress (ooops), etc.

…wish me luck?

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