Starting All Over Again

While I’ve been away from the blog, I’ve had several new starts come my way. I got back from Hawaii–which was amazing–and had to start again at work, teaching/planning/grading, trying desperately to get caught up. I’m still flailing when it comes to catching up on writing–I’ve missed the last few pages deadlines for my crit group, and jokingly-not-jokingly told them that my goal this month is to write “EVEN ONE SINGLE PAGE.”

So far nothing.

However, I am trying to get back on the horse just in time for a perennial favorite: NaNoWriMo.

Fifth time’s the charm??

I logged in at the website to discover that my untouched profile from 2011 is still hanging out there. I’ve tried NaNo many many times and never “won”–November is just a tough month, in general due to holidays but for teachers especially due to the approach of finals. I’m still trying to claw my way out of the grading slump I got into in September, and it’s really tough!

Anyway, to try to motivate myself, instead of starting again on my WIP–the novel I had a grant to write and meant to finish by August 1st, HAHAHAHAHA–I’m going to work on a silly, fun project: A Room With a View of Werewolves.

I love a good mashup, and I thought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was a) pure genius as a concept and b) slightly disappointing in its execution, but that didn’t stop me from deciding that it would be a good idea (or at least a lot of fun) to write my own, wolfier version of A Room With a View, one of my favorites. (It just barely beat out two suggestions from my partner in crime/husband: “Scott Baiowulf,” about Scott Baio traveling in time to, I guess be Beowulf? and “Wack Beth,” which is a retelling of Macbeth in which either everyone is trying to kill someone named Beth, or else Beth is just a really big loser.)

So, anyway, I’ll be working on that. My lifetime NaNo total is like 3,700 words, so I am hoping to at least double that before the end of the month. (Of course, I just wasted 384 words here at my blog when I could’ve been NaNoing… Crud. No wonder I can’t seem to win this thing.)

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