there’s that whooshing sound again

 Soooo yeah. That resolution of mine to blog more? Well…

Oh, and those ten pages I was supposed to turn in to my writing group… last Tuesday?

Hmm. And when is enrollment for grad classes for this semester? Oh. Really? Three months ago, you say…?

Yeah. I’ve been falling behind.

But I’m enjoying the ride and I haven’t fallen TOO far to catch up (I hope?) so here we go again!

Some things I’ve been putting off lately: 

  • figuring out how to use credit card points as airline miles to book spring break (WOOHOO) and summer trips to see my dearly beloved but far away people
  • grading (shocking to hear, I know)
  • writing (well, I’ve been doing more of that than anything else, but)
  • laundry (including the final and most difficult step: PUT IT AWAY)
  • mailing out Christmas presents (OH MAN I’m definitely stuck in a shame spiral on those) or writing thank-you notes for Christmas presents
  • doing any reading other than blogs (whoops)
  • finishing the nursery (kid will be 2 in April)
  • hanging up the pictures I finally framed (but they were unframed for, like, literally years, so… baby steps?)
  • organizing a baptism/christening/whatever Methodists do (kid will, as I said, be 2 in April)
  • get quotes for having our house painted (which I had set up last year and failed to pull the trigger on… d’oh)
  • a bunch of work paperwork (I’m sure you’re shocked AGAIN)
  • sorting out the deal with my two (2) HSAs
  • where is my checkbook? (a mystery for the ages) where is my passport? (this is actually a problem) where is my fitbit? (WHAT IS MY LIIIIIFE)
  • cracked phone, cracked tablet, researching new phones is too depressing because I love my Galaxy S5 but the S7s explode and I don’t want to waste my upgrade on an outdated model (S6 or even just an uncracked S5?)  but I also don’t want to learn a new phone so…?

But you should always look on the bright side of life, right? (It’s British Humor Week here at the blog, apparently.) Some things I’ve accomplished lately:

  • hosted 7th annual Valentine’s Day party, which was a blast (and means the house is cleaner than usual, because we’re old now so we cleaned for the party and the party was… relatively tame)
  • wrote more than zero words on a WIP
  • made plans to visit some of my dearly beloved but far away people, including confirming dates to stay with them
  • helped a former student get a new job (this has involved showing her the posting, talking her into it, providing cover letter/resume editing, loaning her a computer on which to write said documents, and driving her to/from work the first two days because her car is currently out of commission, so this has actually been a pretty significant investment of my time)
  • gone to work out with the Weightlifting class from the HS (it’s good exercise AND good relationship-building!)
  • am currently updating my blog, SO THERE

My goal was to update my blog once a week this year, and so far it’s the third week in February and I’ve updated 9 times, so… Wait, I’m actually… AHEAD on blogging 1x/week??? Whoa. Weird.

And I wouldn’t be me without some stretch goals…

  • Get done with all the stuff on the “things you’ve been putting off” list (HAHAHAHHAHAHA)
  • Start blogging about The Magicians
  • Other (I’m sure I’ll think of something else)

OK… off to be productive…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I’ll probably just watch C play Final Fantasy XV until bedtime while staring at the same scene from RSWIP I’ve been trying to bludgeon to death for the last two weeks, honestly.

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